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Hi beauts. ♡ Some few days ago i posted my current favorite beauty products. I didn’t expect it to get almost 800 notes and messages telling me it was helpful which gave me inspiration to do my:
CURRENT FOUNDATION ROUTINE: I have been asked many times in public what foundation i use and the women are always shocked its drugstore. Makeup does not have to be high end to look flawless, its all about technique :) 
1. After first washing my face with my Cetaphil daily facial cleanser I apply my Clinique dramatically different moisturizer. This is the best moisturizer i have ever used, it may be on the pricey side ranging from 24-26 dollars but it is worth it. This is 1 of 2 products in this routine that is high end the rest is drugstore.
2. I then apply my stay matte primer in the following areas: My forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. This primer helps to keep your face matte and creates a soft smooth base for you to apply your foundation. You will want to apply this anywhere you have large pores, or get oily in often.
3. I then like to dab Makeup forever Hd primer under my eyes. I prefer this one for my under eye because it is light weight /creamy/moisturizing and easier to apply. Rubbing under your eyes can cause/create wrinkles in the future and i’m paranoid about it. Now you have your face primed! 
4. Revlon color stay’s foundation has been my go-to foundation for about six months now. Mainly because i have clear skin, and i tend to dislike extremely full coverage products. I like a product i can build with and my skin loves this, it stays matte all day. I apply it with my Real Techniques foundation brush and the blend it out with the Real Techniques buffing brush. Both are amazing and are a staple to my collection. Always make sure to blend leftovers down under your chin and neck to prevent any harsh lines that give you the ‘mask’ effect. NOT CUTE. 
5. Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer I always apply my concealer after my foundation. I have seen girls apply before but it really doesn’t make sense to me and i’ll explain why. I use concealer for brightening. Either it be blemishes or dark under eye circles. If you apply the concealer before the foundation your skin will appear all one color, also not cute.  I apply my concealer with my finger and blend out with the elf concealer brush. FLAWLESS. I then use a beauty blender to pat ALL over my face to make sure everything is blended.
6.I then apply a powder. I am LOVING this stay matte powder but i also love Fit me by maybelline so i switch back and forth between the 2. I apply this with elf flat top powder brush. By now your skin should look like a blank canvas, time for contouring!
7. I’ll try to explain my contour the best i can but i know everyone has different techniques.I use the elf duo (not the blush) From the top of my ear i make one line coming down (the bottom of the cheek bone) I do this on both sides. I use the Real techniques contour brush in an ‘UP AND DOWN’ motion to blend the harsh line. Btw Jaclyn Hill on YouTube taught me this technique so feel free to look it up if confused. I apply small amounts of bronzer to my hair line and also to the sides of my face as well as under my chin for more dimension. I blend all this out with the same powder brush above (elf). 
8. I then illuminate the high points of my face with the Milani illuminating face powder in beautys touch. I rub my finger in the lightest color and I put a little right above my cheek bone, eyebrows, and cupids bow (upper lip) IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE and you will glow :)
9. I then apply blush. I chose this revlon blush in classy coral because spring and summer are coming. I just purchased this the other day and have only worn it once but it is so gorgeous on my skin tone. 
10. This is a Milani bronzer in glow, and i apply this over my already bronzed cheeks (just a little). Its a flawless glowing finish and it looks very natural. 
And that’s it! Hope you all enjoyed if you actually read it, i know its a a massive amount of text to read but i wanted to be descriptive and make sure it made sense. Feel free to request anything i enjoy making these and keep on the look out for more, like i said in my last i am a NOTORIOUS drug store makeup junkie so most of the products listed are affordable. I hope to soon be posting pictorials for eye looks but those are much more time consuming so we’ll see =)
♥♥ xx